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FATTS produces all the post production scripts  required by studios and production companies to strict industry standards. These include:


Dialogue Lists

This is a word-accurate record of all spoken dialogue and the character name of the speaker. This document is usually  used for translation and dubbing purposes.


Subtitle Spotting Lists

Each line of dialogue is transcribed and the frame accurate location of its corresponding subtitle is calculated.

This list can also be extended to include basic scene descriptions.


Continuity Lists

This provides a description of all the action in a film, shot by shot, with its corresponding timing. This list can act as legal documentation of the film for copyright purposes.
The Continuity List is usually combined with the Dialogue and/or Subtitle Spotting List.


Combined Lists:

Combined Continuity and Dialogue Spotting List (CDSL)

This document combines the Dialogue List and the Continuity.


Combined Dialogue, Continuity and Subtitle Spotting List (CDCSSL)

This document combines the Dialogue List, corresponding Subtitle Spotting List and the Continuity.

All combined lists also note significant sound fx, give timings for music used and contain useful notes and annotations to assist the translator and the laboratory managing the subtitling of the film.

We deliver our completed scripts to you in both word and pdf by in electronic form. 

All our scripts can carry timings in 35mm footages and/or 24 fps, 25 fps timecodes.


Please contact us for samples of any of our scripts and lists.


Tech specs
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